Modular Construction Advantage

Modular vs. Stick-Built - Financial pressures, market competition, regulatory challenges and time-to-market issues require innovative, flexible solutions for a successful project.

Integrating an AerasTech modular cleanroom solution into your plans enhances the economic value of your facility project by improving quality, minimizing schedule and optimizing flexibility for future change. These values extend beyond the immediate project and last throughout the life-cycle of the facility since modular cleanrooms out-perform and out-last conventional stick-built construction.

AerasTech Lean Construction Methodology for design, manufacture, build and commissioning of modular cleanrooms will deliver benefits to your project by controlling cost, eliminating duplicate efforts and accelerating the project schedule.

AerasTech Green Building and LEED Rating System - Green Building is a collection of practices used in creating structures in a manner that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle. AerasTech Clean Technology, Inc. is pleased to offer materials with a high percentage of recycled content. Through the LEED Credits for Recycled Content, an owner or a contractor may obtain points towards the construction projects LEED Certification based on the recycled content of the materials provdied.Sustainable Development – modular construction represents one of the greatest benefits of AerasTech’ project execution and lean construction methodology. These methods strive to maximize value to the customer while minimizing waste and encouraging a culture of continuous improvement throughout the company.

The world is ever more conscientious of landfills continuing to grow with discarded stick-built materials from years past. Forward looking companies are sensitive to the true meaning of “green” and desire to build in a more environmentally friendly way. Sustainable modular construction also moves focus from merely short-term costs to overall long-term return on investment and ultimately results in maximum manufacturing flexibility.