Benifits of Modular Design

Our modular cleanroom systems can be used throughout all demanding sectors to deliver quality assured buildings on time and on budget – and being modular they can be relocated or reconfigured for future flexibility as requirements change.

Relevant standards and regulations We work to all relevant building standards and regulations including: HTM (Health Technical Memorandum), HBN (Health Building Notes), and SW Standards in Health.

Predictable Performance — modular architectural finishes are factory-generated and provide predictable results in the field. The finish details of the facility are taken out of the hands of the mechanics in the field and put into the hands of the engineers at the factory. Modular projects exceed stick-built finishes, which are time-consuming and generate a significant contamination burden on the project site.

Predictable Cleanability — The uPVC surface finish of the modular panel technology has been tested against the industry’s toughest cleaning protocols and has been approved by Pharma/Biotech manufacturers worldwide.

Predictable / High-speed schedule — Productivity models are well-known for modular project execution. Top-down construction methodology and concurrent field activities above and below the walkable ceiling system allow AerasTech to perform with high speed on the project site.

Clean Construction — Modular projects deliver finished products to the job site, eliminating the need for field-applied finishes that produce a contamination burden on the site and require an extended schedule.

Adaptability — Modular architectural systems can be modified, relocated, and re-used to support the client’s ever-changing process configurations and needs for expansion.

Flexibility for late arriving process Equipment — Modular wall and ceiling systems can be left un-installed for significant portions of the project schedule to allow for late arrival of critical manufacturing equipment within the space. Upon installation of the equipment, rapid construction methods are utilized to close-in the space with modular walls and ceilings without contamination burden to the client’s critical processing equipment.

Maintenance Benefits — Other than routine cleaning protocols, the modular architectural system is maintenance free. Damage to the panels during operation of the facility does not contribute particulate contamination, and can be repaired at a time that is suitable to the production schedule.

Tight Architectural Envelope — The cleanroom facility is a functional entity that requires strict control of temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and pressure cascade. The AerasTech modular architectural system is extremely tight, which allows the facility to outperform traditional stick-built facilities when it comes to cleanroom performance. Independent Air Balance's have reported that they require up to 40% more outside air for pressurization of stick-built facilities versus AerasTech modular construction. (cited from balance contractor for AerasTech Boston Scientific Project in Costa Rica verse another stick built project in the same vicinity.) Extra outside air equals more A/C tonnage and therefore more energy cost.

Reduced Project Safety Risk — The AerasTech project team consists of one group of skilled tradesmen who handle all aspects of the architectural installation. Multiple disciplines such as framing, drywall, finishing, and Mipolam are not required within modular project execution. The net result is less personnel on the project site, consistent personnel that are not constantly changing throughout the project, and a shorter field duration.

Reduced General Conditions — The AerasTech methodology results in a minimum project schedule on site, which delivers savings to general conditions for site project management, QA/QC costs, site conditions, and insurance fees.

Predictable Performance Results in Reduced Commissioning and Validation Costs — The AerasTech project methodology includes an integrated commissioning process throughout the entire project schedule. Receipt verification, in-process inspections, and closeout inspections form the back-bone of the process. The documentation created by AerasTech is fed directly into the validation protocols that are executed by the client, eliminating the need for duplicating efforts. The net result is a lower cost for bringing the facility on-line.

Walkable Ceilings — The modular walk-on ceiling system represents the finished cleanroom ceiling and a maintenance platform, all in a single system. On-going service, repairs, calibration, and access to systems and equipment that exist “behind the scenes” can be performed on top of the walkable ceiling system. In addition, the walkable ceiling system allows for simultaneous field construction activities within the same facility square footage, allowing final connections to occur on top of the ceiling at the same time that work is being performed directly below.

Tax Advantages — Modular cleanroom facilities can be considered capital equipment instead of capital improvements; therefore, they can be depreciated at an accelerated rate. This results in tax savings for the client. In addition, under certain circumstances, initial tax burdens can be reduced as compared to traditional construction.